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    Many companies see the need to maintain at least part of their cloud infrastructure at home. Meanwhile, the ability to burst or scale-out to public or remote clouds can yield significant tactical, strategic and cost benefits.

    This is a job for SlipStream. With its cloud abstraction layer, cloud differences are hidden, so that users can choose which cloud to target. Furthermore, with the ability to describe deployment logic in a cloud agnostic fashion, SlipStream is able to ensure that each application is deployed in the same way on each cloud, delivering the same result to end-users.

    With the ability to deploy applications across several clouds with 1-click, hybrid deployment is now within reach of all cloud-user organisations, allowing teams to take full advantage of private and public clouds, in a flexible, convenient and stress-free way.

    Cloud-Kategorien Level 1:
    Adaptive PaaS
    Cloud-Kategorien Level 2:
    Anwendungsmodernisierung (SaaSifizierung)
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    251 - 100000
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